Database Conversion

Added on: Friday 13th February 2009

If you find yourself frequently moving data between different types of databases then you can either write a script to do it or you can use one of the many utilities available.

I've been converting a lot of Microsoft Access databases to MySQL recently as customers want their software applications to be available online.

Although I have developed a script that I can use to do this it is a bit rough around the edges and I haven't had time to refine it at all so I usually end up with quite a bit of additional tidying up to do on the data.

So, the other day I thought I'd see what was available on the Internet. In the past I've tried various programs but have always found them lacking in certain areas (or not working at all).

To my surprise though I found a piece of software - Access To MySQL - by a company called Bullzip

Unlike a lot of other utilities it doesn't try to be clever and only does the one type of conversion but that is all I wanted.

I have to say I am really impressed - its very simple, fast and more or less foolproof. As well as all this the software is Freeware so may be used free of charge for non-commercial purposes.

I will do some more testing but it looks like this might become a valuable tool for me.

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