Is your software weatherproof

Added on: Tuesday 3rd February 2009

As some parts of the country experience the worst winter weather for 20 years can your business cope if no one can get into the office?

Car in snowUnlike North America or other European countries, a little snowfall here seems to disrupt the entire transport system.

This means that many people can't get into the office so businesses are running at reduced capacity or in some cases not at all.

However, with the increasing availability of broadband connections and web based software many companies are now able to operate from anywhere with access to the Internet.

Obviously, if the business relies heavily on transport and delivery or needs key workers in the field then this isn't going to help but much of the administration could still be done online.

It is much easier than you might think to put your existing system online and our online contact management software has many of the features needed already included as core modules.

And because its modular the only customisation required is for specialised areas of your business.

As I sit here writing this the snow is once again falling heavily outside but I don't have to go anywhere!

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