Ordnance survey maps on your website

Added on: Thursday 28th May 2009

I've recently come across an application from the Ordnance Survey that allows you to embed maps on your website much like the very popular Google Maps.

The difference is that the mapping used is from the Ordnance Survey which has much more detail than Google Maps.

In all other respects this looks to be very similar to Google's application - you need an API key which covers a single domain and they quote usage limits of 30,000 map tiles of data and 1,000 place name lookups a day.

The service offers maps covering England, Scotland and Wales and you can place any kind of information that has a geographic reference on top of the Ordnance Survey maps and interact with a map - pan, zoom in and out, add markers and polygons.

It all sounds very exciting. Just need to learn the API!

Expect a post here soon with details of how I get on with it.

For more information see the OS OpenSpace website.

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