Screen capture of web pages

Added on: Wednesday 18th February 2009

Have you ever needed to take a screen grab of a web page you are viewing? You can press the Print Screen button but if you want to edit anything you have to load it into your image editing software.

There is an excellent tool called Fireshot available as an add on to both the Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers.

One of the best things about it is that it enables you to grab the entire page in one go even if it scrolls off the screen.

There are also some fairly sophisticated editing facilities built in that allow you to crop the image, add annotations and apply other effects.

One I use all the time is the blur tool. I can quickly take a copy of a web page and obscure any sensitive information before emailing it or uploading it to the web.

A built in email button converts the capture into an image and attachs it to an email - what could be easier. And if you do need more powerful editing options you can save it to a file and load it into your main image editing software.

Here's one I made earlier (of adding this article to my blog)

Fireshot screengrab

Visit the Fireshot site for more information.

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