The all important follow up email

Added on: Friday 30th January 2009

This week I returned from a weeks skiing holiday in France and yesterday I got an email from the company I purchased my travel insurance from asking if everything went OK.

Firstly, the email (with the subject 'Welcome back from your holiday') started off by thanking me for purchasing the insurance.

There then followed a paragraph that contained all the information needed if I wanted to make a claim.

Finally they offered me a discount on any future purchases and some advice on the types of policy available.

This is a great example of good marketing for the following reasons:

  • They are selling to existing customers.
  • They know I have been on holiday and when so the subject of the email is more personal - and I'm more likely to open it.
  • The email contains useful information that I would otherwise have to find myself making me more interested to read on.
  • Once my attention is grabbed it then goes on to try to sell me more products.

This sort of thing is very easy to do as long as you have the information - in this case dates of the policy and customer contact details.

What's more it can all be automated so that you can concentrate on other tasks.

There are plenty of other areas where this can be used. For example if you provide accommodation then you could have a system to send out an automatic email after the holiday asking for feedback and you could also email the customer at the same time the next year reminding them that it was a year ago they booked and how about another holiday?

If your system can't do this them perhaps you need to get in contact?

Remember its much easier to sell to existing customers (provided they had a good experience previously!)

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