Uploading images to a website

Added on: Tuesday 3rd March 2009

If you maintain a website using a content management system then uploading photos to the site is one of the trickier tasks to do.

Many content management systems only allow you to upload one picture at a time - mainly because of the size of the files involved.

If you can import several files at a time then either you have to sit and wait while they are all uploaded or you need to get to grips with FTP software so that you can transfer the files directly to the server.

Following the article on resizing photographs on your computer before uploading them, our content management system now has the option to email these files straight to your site.

A dedicated email address is created for each site and this email is checked every time someone logs into the site administration area.

If there are emails then a message appears before the summary screen showing the subject of the email and listing any attachments. For each email there is the option to Process or Delete (if the email looks suspect).

Note that when the emails are processed any which don't come from a registered email address are ignored.

The Process page shows all the images in the email and at this point you can select which ones to keep, add a caption to each one, create a small version of each and also add them directly to an existing list (gallery) on the site or create a new list.

Process Uploaded Images

This is a much more efficient way of uploading photos to a website gallery and I'm going to look at this method when working on my paperless office.

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