Video screen capture

Added on: Tuesday 10th February 2009

If you ever need to record a video tutorial of something on your screen then this great online application is the ideal tool

Screen Toaster is a FREE online video screen capture tool. It is fairly basic but that means it is easy to use.

Once you have created an account you just click the Record link and it downloads a small applet onto your computer.

Once this is installed a dialog pops up and when you click Start Recording you have five seconds to get to the page you want to record.

You can use audio and subtitles but at the moment there is no way of exporting the file with either of these options so the video has to be hosted with screen toaster.

There is an option to upload to youtube but this is still experimental and doesn't work that well.

Anyhow, I'm going to be exploring more as I am wanting to create video tutorials for our content management system, contact management software and email marketing package.

For now though here is my first attempt at using this software:

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